Topic Conversational systems in automotive environments: technologies for better interaction in today's cars
Keywords Ambient Intelligence, Conversational Interaction, Voice Interaction, Automotive
Degree Computer Engineering
Credits 30
Advisors Fulvio Corno, Luigi De Russis
In collaboration with CRF - Centro Ricerche FIAT

Modern car technologies rely more and more on screen and visual clues for interacting with the drivers and the other passengers. However, current user interfaces, in the car, are not designed nor thought in this perspective:

  • High risk of distraction for driverse who need to interact with touch screen, read messages, interpret charts, ...
  • No way, for the car, to share information about driving styles, street conditions, …

The thesis, in the context of a collaboration project with CRF (Centro Ricerche FIAT) of FCA, aims at developing a "conversational" interaction method in the automotive environment. We want to conceive the car as an Ambient Intelligence system, for driving assistance and design the user interaction between the driver and the car with a conversational approach.

Conversational Car

The thesis will develop a sample conversational system, able to exchange information via different channels (voice, lights, buttons, etc) to allow the driver to access the advanced functions of the vehicle. A demonstration prototype will be tested within the virtual car simulator at CRF.