The goal of the thesis is to explore the domain of accessible video-games targeted at children with severe motor disabilities, that are able to interact with a computer through a single switch, only. In particular, the gNomon interaction modality will be adopted to allow interation by this class of users.

The specific objectives are to design, implent and test two video-games that enable and empower the social interaction amongh children, in particular social interactions between children with and without disabilities. A secondary objective is the availbility of a variety of gaming modes, that may be used for different educational tasks.

The main phases of the thesis were:

  1. Conception of a multi-player accessible game, and validation with a team of experts
  2. Design and implentation of the multi-player game
  3. Experimentation and user testing of the game with a group of children (with disabilities, possibly)
  4. Creation of another game with educationally motivated gaming methods.

The thesis has been developed by exploiting the Unity 2D programming framework. The resulting games, named Labirinto dei Mostri and Palloncini, will be available to download as soon as possibile.


Nicolò Mandrile

Thesis Details

Fulvio Corno, Luigi De Russis, Sebastián Aced López
Master Degree in Computer Engineering