The aim of this thesis is the design, development, and deploy of a (prototypal) system capable to support the daily activities of healthcare assistants that operate in assisted living facilities, like the RAF (Residenze Autonome Flessibili) present in Italy. Such structures, in fact, host (permanently) people with various disabilities, assisted in their daily routines by different caregivers.
The system object of the thesis will have a strong foundation in a set of requirements and guidelines which stem from a series of focus groups held in four assisted living facilities in the Turin area. Such guidelines are reported in the paper "Supporting Caregivers in Assisted Living Facilities for Persons with Disabilities: a User Study", published in the Universal Access in the Information Society journal by Springer.
After the analysis of the results presented in the mentioned paper, the system will be designed and developed by taking into account possible interactions with "connected" devices (e.g., sensors, smartphones, smartwatches, etc.) that healthcare assistants and hosts may utilize.
Eventually, the software prototype will be deployed in at least one assisted living facilities in the Turin area, to be tested with real users.


Alberto Monge Roffarello

Thesis Details

Fulvio Corno, Luigi De Russis
Master Degree in Computer Engineering