The goal of this thesis is to develop new instruments for everyday work, following its evolution in relation to work from home (WFH). In this work a real use case will be exploited to explore the potential of communication platforms. The use case regarded the request of a client company of creating a renewed, alternative system for an on-premises intranet portal focused on company’s news. To overcome the limitation of the existing portal, the focus has been on possible innovation and on providing a more comfortable usability in working from home. This work wants to allow the access to the news information from home and from mobile devices, exploiting the new technologies to develop a central hub for WFH.

The real context of business communication was analyzed, focusing on the "company news" concept, at first based on a "legacy" technology, trying to define the set of technologies that could be adopted to implement this news flow on a communication platform. The study also focused on how this can enrich and innovate the experience for the user, thanks to the features given by new technologies.


Andrea Scibetta

Thesis Details

Luigi De Russis
Cluster Reply S.R.L.
Marcello Cerri
Master Degree in Computer Engineering