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Development Resources

This section presents some resources useful for software development that may be relevant to final projects. Moreover, it lists the required software applications needed for the course.

Required Software

Available Material (updated on May 9, 2018)

A list of the material available for the course is described in this document.
The materials are (or will be) available in LADISPE, and most of them can be borrowed by students, so that they can work on their final project also outside the lab.

Python Resources

Raspberry Pi and Linux Resources

  • Books about the Raspberry Pi
    • Getting started with the Raspberry Pi, Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace, O'Reilly
    • Raspberry Pi cookbook, Simon Monk, O'Reilly
    • Raspberry Pi for secret agents, Stefan Sjogelid, Packt Publishing
  • A collection of Linux quick reference sheets (cheat sheets)