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The exam consists of a presentation of the team project, designed and developed during the course, and an oral discussion on the same topic.

Each group is required to:

  • put and mantain the source code related to its project in the assigned Git repository (;
  • create, and properly update, a GitHub Pages website associated to the project repository, by following the instructions available at (see the "Project site" section).

The project website MUST contain:

  • the two required deliverables (see below), according to the following (strict!) deadlines;
  • a video of the project, realized following this guide; the video may be shown during the exam, if needed (see the video in the example website, too).

Important dates and deliverables:

  • 11/04 creation of the project website (via GitHub Pages) and deadline for the first deliverable (i.e., complete summary, vision and goal - see the set of slides "AmI Design Process");
  • 14/04 check of the first deliverable with the students (in LADISPE);
  • 03/05 deadline for the second deliverable (i.e., analysis and system design - see the set of slides "AmI Design Process") to be published on the project website;
  • 05/05 check of the second deliverable with the students (in LADISPE);
  • 09/06 check of the projects to be presented during the exam.

Exam rules

(extracted from the set of slides "Labs and teamwork")

The team project (repository and website) must be ready for evaluation three working days before the exam.

The exam will consist of three parts:

  • oral presentation (max 15 minutes, by using PowerPoint slides or similar)
  • demonstration or a video if the project cannot be demonstrated (5 minutes)
  • discussion (5 minutes)

Contributions by each person should emerge in the entire project presentation (e.g., by dividing the oral presentation in parts).

Next exams with deadlines:

  • 02/09/2014, h. 9:00, LADISPE
    • remember to enroll at the exam, by 29/08/2014, on the Portale della Didattica;
    • project must be ready for evaluation on GitHub on 28/08/2014 by noon;
    • (optional) specify which materials you need to be available at the exam (if any), via mail at the teachers, by the 28/08/2014;
    • (optional) to avoid last minute problems, you may want to try the presentation and the demo on 01/09/2014 from 14:30 to 17:00, at the LADISPE.


  • Sample web site showing an effective video presentation and project summary, developed by two students of the Princeton University.