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Official website of the course "Human-AI Interaction" (code 01UJUIU) offered to Ph.D. students at Politecnico di Torino.

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Course Organization

Teachers: Luigi De Russis, Alberto Monge Roffarello.

The course will be held primarly in person, with video-recorded lectures and the possibility of virtual attendance during the exercise (see the Introduction slides).

Students are encouraged to attend the classes with their laptops. 

Course Topics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly present and integrated in our daily lives, with complex and often unpredictable solutions. This complexity and unpredictability make it difficult for users to understand, trust, and adopt such solutions with success. The course aims at introducing methodologies and techniques to design and build intelligent interactive systems that are usable and useful for all, also reflecting on the impact that AI applications have and will have on their users. A combination of lectures and workshop-style sessions will introduce students to different techniques for creating such intelligent systems across a few selected domains.

  • Introduction to Human-AI Interaction
  • Trade-offs in Human-AI Interaction
    • Augmenting or replacing people?
    • Direct manipulation or agents?
  • Designing and evaluating human-centered AI systems
    • Guidelines and methods
    • Data, bias, and trust
  • Paradigms for Human-AI Interaction
    • Smart interfaces, conversational agents and chatbots
  • Hands-on session: prototyping a conversational agent


The exam will consist in the evaluation of three exercises proposed and developed during the class hours.

A successfull completion of three out of four exercises is needed to pass the exam.


The table below contains the schedule and the learning materials of all the lectures and exercises. Please consider the following information as a tentatitive preview of the course organization; it is provided only for helping students organize and plan, and is subject to change without notice.
All lectures will be video-recorded and will be available on the Portale della Didattica, as well as here and in a dedicated YouTube playlist.

12/01/2022 Lecture Introduction 14:30-16:30 7S icons8 play button 48 Luigi De Russis

Madness session

Reading panels: instructions

16:30-17:30 7S icons8 play button 48 Luigi De Russis
18/01/2022 Exercise Reading panels (to be prepared beforehand) 09:00-13:00 7S - Luigi De Russis
21/01/2022  Lecture


Perspectives on Human-AI Interaction

09:00-10:30 29B icons8 play button 48 Luigi De Russis
Lecture Perspectives on Human-AI Interaction (cont'd) 10:30-12:00 29B icons8 play button 48 Luigi De Russis
25/01/2022 Lecture Paradigms for Human-AI Interaction 09:00-10:30 7S icons8 play button 48 Alberto Monge Roffarello
Exercise Journey Map 10:30-12:00 7S - Alberto Monge Roffarello
01/02/2022 Lecture Designing and Evaluating Interactive AI Systems 09:00-11:00 7S icons8 play button 48 Alberto Monge Roffarello

Design & Evaluation Workshop

11:00-13:00 7S - Alberto Monge Roffarello
03/02/2022 Lecture Conversational Agents 09:00-10:00 7S icons8 play button 48 Alberto Monge Roffarello

Case study: designing and implementing a conversational assistant

10:00-13:00 7S - Alberto Monge Roffarello 
09/02/2022 Exercise

Case study (cont'd). Final presentation.

Feedback about the course.

09:00-13:00 29B -

Alberto Monge Roffarello

Luigi De Russis