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Official website of the course "Human Computer Interaction" (code 02JSKOV) offered to students in the 2nd year of the M.S. in Computer Engineering (among elective courses). Academic Year 2022/2023.

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Basic info

Course material (lectures and labs) is available in the Schedule section. Exam rules are available in the dedicated section.

Title: Human Computer Interaction
Credits: 6 credits
Year: 2nd year Master degree (elective courses)
Semester 1st semester (September-January)
Language: English
Main teacher: Luigi De Russis
Other teachers: Alberto Monge Roffarello, Tommaso Calò
Official link: Portale della Didattica
GitHub organization:
Videolectures: YouTube Playlist and Portale della Didattica
Telegram group:

Class hours

See the Schedule section for detailed information and variations.

Monday 13:00-14:30 Room R1b Class  
Tuesday 11:30-13:00 Room R3 Class  
Friday 13:00-14:30 Room 2T Lab (group I) From week 2
Friday 14:30-16:00 Room 2T Lab (group II) From week 2
Friday 16:00-17:30 Room 2T Lab (group III) From week 2


This section hosts the schedule and learning materials of all the lectures and labs, with topics and deadlines described for each of them. Please consider the following information as a tentatitive preview of the course organization; it is provided only for helping students organize and plan, and is subject to change without notice.

All slides, examples, exercises, and any other material used in the classroom and in the lab will be also posted in a GitHub repository. Moreover, all lectures will be video-recorded and will be available on the Portale della Didattica, as well as here and in a dedicated YouTube playlist.

27/09/2022 Lecture

Introduction to the course

11:30-13:00 icons8 play button 48 Luigi De Russis
30/09/2022 Lecture


13:00-14:30 icons8 play button 48 Luigi De Russis
30/09/2022 Lecture   14:30-16:00 icons8 play button 48 Luigi De Russis
03/10/2022 Lecture   13:00-14:30 icons8 play button 48  Luigi De Russis
04/10/2022 Lecture   11:30-13:00 icons8 play button 48 Luigi De Russis
07/10/2022 Lab   13:00-14:30   Luigi De Russis
07/10/2022 Lab   14:30-16:00   Luigi De Russis
07/10/2022 Lab   16:00-17:30   Tommaso Calò

Video Lectures


Development Resources

This section presents some resources useful for software development that might be relevant for (final) high-fidelity prototypes.

Do you need to refresh your memory about web development? Web Fundamentals is "Google's opinionated reference for building amazing web experiences".

Suggested Software

Design Resources

  • Fonts: Google Fonts is a great resource of easy-to-use fonts, while FontPair may help you pair them.
  • Icons: Font Awesome and Noun Project are a good free icons package.
  • Subtle Patterns is useful if you want to add some light patterns to any plain background color.
  • Sample images: Wunderstock and Unsplash are a good starting point to find Creative Commons photos.
  • Colors: Adobe Color is an interactive web app to help you choose nice color schemes.

Web Development Resources



The exam consists of the evaluation of the projects (by groups), followed by an oral exam.

It must be passed in the current academic year. Material for the projects evaluation must be available on the GitHub repositories assigned to each group.

Next exams, with deadlines:

  • xx/xx/2023, h. xx:xx, Room
    • remember to enroll at the exam, by xx/xx/2023, on the Portale della Didattica
    • all the assignments (including the code) must be on the group's GitHub repositories by xx/xx/2023

Group Projects (with Assignments)

All the deadlines are EOD (End Of Day).

  • Group composition
    • Deadline: Month Day, 2022
    • Submit the form
    • GitHub repositories will be created after the deadline
  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2
  • Assignment 3
  • Assignment 4
  • Assignment 5
  • Assignment 6