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Week 01
28/02/202310:00-11:30LectureL01a Introduction to the course
L01b Introduction to JavaScript (first part)
Fulvio Corno
28/02/202311:30-13:00LectureL02 Introduction to JavaScript (second part)Fulvio Corno
02/03/202308:30-10:00ExerciseL03 JavaScript Exercises on Arrays and StringsFulvio Corno
02/03/202310:00-11:30LectureL04 JavaScript Objects and FunctionsFulvio Corno
Week 01 exercises
Week 02
07/03/202310:00-11:30LectureL05 Constructor Functions. Callbacks. Functional programming.Fulvio Corno
07/03/202311:30-13:00LectureL06 Exercises. Asynchronous callbacks.Fulvio Corno
09/03/202308:30-10:00LabLab 01 - Group 1 (AA-DE)Juan Pablo Sáenz
09/03/202310:00-11:30LabLab 01 - Group 2 (DI-HZ)Juan Pablo Sáenz
Week 02 exercises
Week 03
14/03/202310:00-11:30LectureL07 Asynchronous programming. SQLite.Fulvio Corno
14/03/202311:30-13:00LectureL08 Promises. Exercise with SQLite and Promises.Fulvio Corno
16/03/202308:30-10:00LabLab 02 - Group 1 (AA-DE)Juan Pablo Sáenz
16/03/202310:00-11:30LabLab 02 - Group 2 (DI-HZ)Juan Pablo Sáenz
Week 03 exercises
Week 04
20/03/2023Reading 1Introduction to Web Architectures, HTML, and CSS
WARNINGThe class on 21/03 will be from 08:30 to 11:30 and is moved in Room 3S
21/03/202308:30-09:00LectureL09a Async and AwaitFulvio Corno
21/03/202309:00-10:00LectureL09b HTML and CSS: Example-driven review of Reading 1Fulvio Corno
21/03/202310:00-11:30ExerciseL10 Modern CSS, Bootstrap.Fulvio Corno
23/03/202308:30-10:00LabLab 03 - Group 1 (AA-DE)Juan Pablo Sáenz
23/03/202310:00-11:30LabLab 03 - Group 2 (DI-HZ)Juan Pablo Sáenz
Week 04 exercises
Week 05
28/03/202310:00-11:30LectureL11 JavaScript in the Browser - DOM, EventsFulvio Corno
28/03/202311:30-13:00LectureL12 JavaScript in the Browser - ExerciseFulvio Corno
30/03/202308:30-10:00LabLab 04 - Group 1 (AA-DE)Juan Pablo Sáenz
30/03/202310:00-11:30LabLab 04 - Group 2 (DI-HZ)Juan Pablo Sáenz
Week 05 exercises
Week 06
20/03/2023Reading 2The 'this' keyword in JavaScript
04/04/202310:00-11:30LectureL13 Introduction to ReactFulvio Corno
04/04/202311:30-13:00LectureL14 JSX, Components, propsFulvio Corno
🐰Easter vacations
WARNINGOn 13/04 we will have 3 hours of lectures, instead of Labs
13/04/202308:30-10:00LectureL15 Components and StateFulvio Corno
13/04/202310:00-11:30LectureL16 Controlled Components and Forms (part 1)Fulvio Corno
Week 06 exercises
Week 07
18/04/202310:00-11:30LectureL17 Controlled Components and Forms (part 2)Fulvio Corno
18/04/202311:30-13:00LectureL18 Controlled Components and Forms (part 3)Fulvio Corno
20/04/202308:30-10:00LabLab 05 - Group 1 (AA-DE)Juan Pablo Sáenz
20/04/202310:00-11:30LabLab 05 - Group 2 (DI-HZ)Juan Pablo Sáenz
Week 07 exercises
Week 08
25/04/2023Holiday -- No lectures
27/04/202308:30-10:00LabLab 06 - Group 1 (AA-DE)Luca Pezzolla
27/04/202310:00-11:30LabLab 06 - Group 2 (DI-HZ)Luca Pezzolla
Week 08 exercises

Video lectures