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Basic Information

Title:Web Applications I - Course 1 (A-H)
Credits:6 CFU
Year:1st year Computer Engineering
Semestre:2nd semester (March-June)
Main teacher:Fulvio Corno
Other teachers:Juan Pablo Sáenz
Official link:Portale della Didattica
GitHub Repository:
Video lectures:YouTube Playlist and Materials on Portale della didattica
Telegram group:

Class hours

Tuesday10:00-11:30Room 4PClass
Tuesday11:30-13:00Room 4PClass
Thursday08:30-10:00Room 8IClassonly March 2
Thursday10:00-11:30Room 8IClassonly March 2
Thursday08:30-10:00Room 8ILab - Group 1 (AA-DE)starts on March 9
Thursday10:00-11:30Room 8ILab - Group 2 (DI-HZ)starts on March 9