Research Topics

Explore our past and completed research projects, on various topics.

Active: 2008-2010

In the e-Lite research group we are developing new aids that triy to combine the head and the eye tracking characteristic in a unique system. In this way it is possible follow the disabled user for all the course of the illness with a versatile and easy aid.

The opportunity to change the tracking mode lets the applications to modify their accuracy and their layout to give at the user, on all occasions, the best assistance .

Active: 2006-2008

OntoSpere3D is a visualization tool for ontologies that uses a 3-dimensional space, where information is enriched by visual cues (as the colour or the size of visualized entities). The tool aims at tackling visualization issues for ontology visual models by adopting a dynamic collapsing mechanism and different views, at different granularities in order to grant a constant navigability of the rendered model.

An intuitive navigation interface, featuring direct manipulation of the scene (rotation, panning, zoom, object selection, etc.) allows domain experts, who have little technical skills in the field of Semantic Web, to graphically inspect, modify and review ontology components.

Discover more on the OntoSphere3D website.

Active: 2003-2008

DOSE (Distributed Open Semantic Elaboration platform) is an open-source platform for managing semantic indexing and retrieval of web resources according to predefined ontologies, with support for multilinguality, autonomic management, ease of integration within existing web portals, databases, learning management systems, etc.