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Active: 2008-2009

Accessible Surfing is an extension developed for the Firefox browser, for helping strongly disabled people in the navigation of web sites. This extension addresses those users able to use only the eyes; the work has been done in order to be used with an eye tracking system.

More information about the software may be found in the paper:

  • Accessible Web Surfing through gaze interaction, E. Castellina, F. Corno, COGAIN 2007: Gaze-based Creativity, Interacting with Games and On-line Communities, available online in the COGAIN 2007 proceedings (pages 74-77).

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Software Installation

The extension is distributed with the file "ASE.xpi" and the installation can be done using the FireFox Add-on manager.


  • ASE installation file: ASE.ZIP, includes both the XPI extension and a short guide.
  • NOTE: the current version of the ASE is usable with Firefox v2, and is not compatible with Firefox v3