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Critical Making

Critical Making - Addressing Misinformation in STEM Through Makerspaces

The objective of the project is the design and evaluation of curricula and recommendations for teacher trainings targeted to equip in- and pre-service teachers with the necessary competences and methodological skills to tackle disinformation and to thus foster students’ digital competencies in STEM. In line with the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027, the innovative concept features a project-based learning (PBL) approach in pedagogical makerspaces, offering the potential to challenge disinformation and to cover digital competencies in science contexts in a comprehensive and practical way, through making and usage of innovative digital technologies and tools. Thematically, sustainable development is focused across all areas.

The approach is guided by the DigCompEdu and a corresponding competence model, extended for specific aspects of disinformation and critical thinking (incl. self-assessment through an extension of SELFIEforTeachers). In close collaboration with STEM experts and regional stakeholders regarding teachers’ continuous professional development, curricula and trainings will be developed and evaluated, involving at least 100 STEM teachers in each of the 4 partner countries. Dissemination, also at policy level, will be targeted in 6 countries. The following results are expected:

  • A general framework and good practice examples for PBL activities in pedagogical makerspaces to tackle disinformation and foster digital competences in teacher training activities, integrated in STEM subject fields.
  • Assessment of learning impact of designed measures.
  • Guidelines and policy suggestions for implementation of corresponding teacher training in different European education systems.
  • Self-learning material in terms of OER designed to support PBL activities in pedagogical makerspaces, covering specifically approaches to tackle disinformation.
  • A portal for exchanging knowledge and experiences of the designed and evaluated concepts and measures.

Work Packages

  • WP1: Project Management
  • WP2: Critical Making Good Practices and Design Criteria
  • WP3: Critical Making Teacher Training Design
  • WP4: Critical Making Teacher Training Implementation
  • WP5: Critical Making Teacher Training Evaluation
  • WP6: Critical Making Curriculum Development and Policies
  • WP7: Dissemination


Associated Partners

More Information

  • Reference number: 101132925
  • Topic: Partnerships for Innovation - Forward-Looking Projects - Digital education (cross-sectoral)
  • Start date: 01-01-2024
  • Duration: 36 months (until 31-12-2026)
  • EU Grant: 1,163,852 €
  • Countries involved: 4 (🇩🇪 🇮🇹 🇸🇪 🇵🇱)
  • Project card