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International Associations

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ACM Future of Computing Academy (ACM-FCA)

KNX Scientific Partnership

European projects

AccessCoVE aims to structure excellence in Vocational Education and Training in the field of Accessibility. Twenty-five partners from four different countries (Greece, Sweden, Spain, and Italy) joined their forces to establish a European multi-level innovative and constantly growing Centre of Vocational Excellence - the AccessCoVE - in the field of accessibility for individuals with disabilities (i.e. individuals with impairments and elders).

The SIFIS-Home project (Secure Interoperable Full-stack Internet of things for smart Home) aims at providing a secure-by-design and consistent software framework for improving resilience of Interconnected Smart Home Systems at all stack levels.

The project is coordinated by CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and the e-Lite group is participating as part of the Department of Control and Computer Engineering.

The Optimus project (OPTIMising the energy USe in cities with smart decision support systems) aims at developing methodologies and technologies for helping cities to make smart energy decisions. The role of the e-Lite group is to define the main IT Architecture of the data collection and processing infrastructure.

The project is coordinated by NTUA (Greece) and is developed in collaboration with the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Torino.

CROSS (Citizen Reinforcing Open Smart Synergies) is a project co-financed by the European Union within the framework of European Programme (CIP Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation), born with the aim and the ambition to create an innovative ecosystem and a new mentality to deal with the challenges and difficulties arising from the economic crisis.

The project is coordinated by Poste Italiane (Italy), and the role of the e-Lite group is to assist Città di Torino in the public outreach and procurement related to the Call for Apps.

The "Virtual Campus Hub" project (call FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2011-2, project n. 283746) aims at exploring e-learning methodologies for the context of Energy Managers and innovators in the Energy sector.

The project is coordinated by DTU (Denmark) and is developed in collaboration with the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Torino.

MVSP: Multilingual Virtual Simulated Patient.

The project aims to develop a "simulated patient" software which acts and responds as a real patient would during a clinical interview. This tool allows to provide simulated patient training via elearning, as well as a less expensive training of health professionals in clinical interview.

COGAIN: Communication by Gaze Interaction. A Network of Excellence under the EU IST 6th Framework Program. Coordinated by the University of Tampere.

eSWES: eLearning System for Water and Environmental Studies.

EU Project under the TEMPUS-Program. Three universities are participated in the project (RWTH Aachen University/German, Zagazig University/ Egypt and Politecnico di Torino/Italy).

PRAISE: Peer Review Network Applying Intelligence to Social Work Education (e-Learning programme)


CABLE: Case-based e-learning for educators. (Socrates "MINERVA" project - 109883-CP-1-2003-1-IT-MINERVA-M)


MOISE: International Organization Model for People with Special Educational Needs

National or Regional projects

Il progetto SERICS (Security and Rights In the CyberSpace) è un Partenariato Esteso nell'ambito del PNRR – Missione 4, componente 2 | Linea 7 "Cybersecurity, nuove tecnologie e tutela dei diritti"; le attività di SERICS si svilupperanno su 10 spoke.

Il gruppo e-Lite partecipa attivamente allo Spoke 8: Gestione del rischio e governance (UNIBO) (in particolare al progetto Risk management for future cyber-physical ecosystems (EcoCyber)), ed allo Spoke 7: Sicurezza delle infrastrutture (POLITO) (in particolare al progetto Secure AND Safe infrasTructures fOR cps in the compute continuuM (SANDSTORM))

The project "Batti il cinque" (gimme a high-five) is a national initiative, funded by the Foundation Con i Bambini and involving 47 partners around Italy, clustered in five different regions of activity.

In the region of Torino, the activities are coordinated by Fondazione della Comunità di Mirafiori ONLUS and focus on innovative training for children of primary and middle schools. The role of the e-Lite group is to organize innovative teaching events (for teachers and for children) on the topics of Introduction to coding, Robotics, and Advanced coding.

The project AstiMusei aims at building a modern infrastructure for networking the museums and artistic sites of a local territory. It has been implemented as a pilot project in the city of Asti by Fondazione Palazzo Mazzetti, with a co-funding of Regione Piemonte.

In collaboration with Tonic Minds, Gaidano&Matta,,, elex, with the scientific coordination of Politecnico di Torino.

The Applus.énergie project aims at defining an energy monitoring architecture suitable for public buildings (schools, offices, etc), based on open source solutions and off the shelf components. The methodology is based on a living labs approach, where users of the buildings are involved in the energy monitoring data and their behavior is influenced by energy feedback.

The project is funded by Regione Valle d'Aosta under the Alcotra programme, and will be applied to a building by Politecnico di Torino (Sede "Mirafiori") and one building in Verrès (AO), hosting Politecnico di Torino and ISITP school. Project coordinated by Proxima Centauri.

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The project aims at developing a speech-driven interface for a smart home, for the benefit of mobility impaired users.

In collaboration with Università di Torino (Interaction Models Group), Parsit, Cooperativa C'era l'Acca. Supported by Fondazione CRT under a VivoMeglio grant.


Feasibility study funded through Polo Innovazione ICT on the adoption of Semantic technologies and innovative approaches in a Content Management System for the Tourism sector.

The coordinator of the project is Trim srl as part of the ITCluster consortium.


Feasibility study funded through Polo Innovazione ICT on advanced user interfaces and user interaction methodologies for improving user awareness about energy consumption and energy saving in residential homes.

The coordinator of the project is Experientia srl.

SMILE-O (Smart MeterIng for Local Energy Optimization) is a research project funded through Polo Innovazione ICT on intelligent energy management in industrial co-generation settings. The role of the e-Lite research group is to propose and experiment data interoperability amongst publishers of production data and consumption data, using internet open standards (in particular RDF and Linked Open Data)

The coordinator of the project is Akhela spa.

FreeAble - Free Software for your abilities. Freeable will allow you to search, upload and comment information about free software for rehabilitation and education for special needs. In collaboration with Cooperativa Sociale Riabilità. Supported by Fondazione CRT under a VivoMeglio grant.

RepubLit. Training and technology transfer for an academic spin-off under the FIxO program. Coordinator: Filippo Chiocchetti, Università del Piemonte Orientale. In collaboration with Intellisemantic and with Luca Rosati.

Industry Collaborations

We collaborate with Pro-Logic in the "UX for connected tractors" project. The collaboration included training-on-the-job for human-computer interaction and user experience topics, and M.S. thesis supervision.
We collaborate with CRF (Centro Ricerche Fiat, part of FCA - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) on the user interfaces for advances and inteligent functionalities within the new generation of connected cars. In particular, we are studying a conversational approach (based on voice as well as visible and tangible interaction) for exchanging information related to the driving and to the car status between the driver and the in-vehichel intelligence.
AlfaEvolution, the technology branch of Unipol-SAI insurance company, is constantly researching and developing new technologies to support innovative insurance products. We collaborate with AlfaEvolution on a technology scouting project for identifying new and promising technologies in the areas of smart homes, interaction methods, and wearable systems.
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We collaborate with the TIM Research Lab in Torino on the topic of future services for 5G networks, in particular services that may be offered by a network operator for enabling the development of IoT systems and applications.
On the topic of Internet of Things, we collaborated with the SWARM Joint Open Lab by TIM. The collaboration mainly consists in the research activity of joint Ph.D. students, on the applications of Internet of Things architectures and Machine Learning systems on Smart Homes and Smart Cities.
We collaborate with Telecom Italia Lab research center in Torino on the topic of Smart Homes, in particular interoperable home gateways, and their implications in the Energy@Home initiative and on the integration Jemma open source platform with the Dog Gateway project.
We collaborated with Proxima Centauri in the JEERP (The J-Energy Enterprise Resource Planning) project, and we provided the data (energy metering) collection layer and network indepentence functionalities, for both Residential and Industrial plants, based on the Dog architecture.
We collaborated with Eudata s.r.l. in the context of intelligent real-time energy-related information from different kinds of environmental sensors.
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Consultancy and advising in the development of the "ABC - Automatic Bibliography Compiler", in collaboration with InText. Coordinator: Filippo Chiocchetti.

Non-profit organizations

Cooperativa C'era l'Acca, facente parte del Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali Trait d'Union (Aosta).

La collaborazione prevedeva la partecipazione ad un gruppo di lavoro per la definizione delle attività di assistenza, formazione e ricerca nella casa domotizzata Maison Equipée di Saint Marcel (AO).

Public Bodies and Institutions

TreataBit is the digital branch of I3P (Incubatore Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino) and hosts start-ups and projects related to the ICT sector and digital innovation.

The collaboration with I3P is related to the course of Ambient Intelligence, where TreataBit creates links with interested innovative companies, and hosts the annual Student Showcase event.