Fulvio Corno's pictureWelcome to Fulvio Corno's official Home Page. I am a Full Professor of Computer Engineering at the Department of Control and Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

I coordinate the e-Lite Research Group, where we study how to innovate Intelligent Interactive Systems, through techniques and methods such as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Internet-of-Things (IoT), Ambient Intelligence (AmI), End-User Development (EUD), Information Visualization (InfoVis).

I am a passionate teacher and I always seek new ways to support students' learning paths in my several University courses. All my teaching material and video-lectures is available for free.

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Office hours (orario di ricevimento):

  • You may book a meeting using this link: https://vyte.in/fulcorno/30 (please choose at least 2-3 options, and be specific about the reason), or by contacting me via e-mail (it might be slower...)
  • Location: my office, at Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica (DAUIN), 3rd floor above Segreteria Studenti. The office may be reached by:
    • the entrance on Corso Castelfidardo 39: take one of the lifts in the big hall besides Segreteria Studenti, and go up until 3rd floor, entrance DAUIN 3A. This entrance is easier to find.
    • the entrance on Corso Castelfidardo 24/D (above the LabInf laboratory and the microwave-equipped study room): take the lift to the 3rd floor, entrance DAUIN 3B. This entrance is closer to my office.
    • in both cases, dial by extension number (7053) from the phone besides the entrance door.





Career status


  • He is (or was) involved in several European research projects (in the 4th, 5th and 6th Framework Programmes and in e-learning projects) as well as National and Regional ones.
  • His current research interests include the application of Semantic Web technologies to information systems engineering, the conception and design of Intelligent Domotic Environments, and advanced multimedia and multi-modal interfaces for alternative access to computer systems.
  • He published more than 200 papers at international conferences and over 40 on international journals (see "Publications" or the list on the Open Access repository).
  • He is Editorial Board Member of the IT Professional IEEE Magazine.

Institutional activities


  • Active in several courses (see "Students"), from the undergraduate through the doctorate level.

Breve CV

Dopo la Laurea in Ingegneria Elettronica ed il Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria Informatica e dei Sistemi, entrambi conseguiti al Politecnico di Torino, ha svolto la propria carriera accademica al Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica del Politecnico stesso, dove attualmente è Professore Ordinario di Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazioni.
È docente di Human Computer Interaction, Tecniche di Programmazione, Web Applications e Informatica, e non perde l'occasione per sperimentare ed innovare nuove metodologie didattiche ed un maggior coinvolgimento studente-docente. Dal 2018 ricopre il ruolo di vice-coordinatore del Collegio di Ingegneria Informatica, del Cinema e Meccatronica. Dal 2019 è presidente del Comitato Tecnico Scientifico del CSI Piemonte. È il coordinatore del gruppo di ricerca "e-Lite: Intelligent and Interactive Systems", dove si occupa di ambienti intelligenti, interazione uomo-macchina, internet of things ed accessibilità. Ha al proprio attivo oltre 200 pubblicazioni su riviste e congressi internazionali, e partecipa al comitato editoriale di IEEE IT Professional e Journal on Reliable Intelligent Environments. Ha partecipato e coordinato diversi progetti di ricerca europei e nazionali. È membro delle società scientifiche IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, ACM.


See my publication list on the Politecnico di Torino's Open Access repository (PORTO).

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    • @fulcorno
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    • +39 011 564 7053
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    • +39 011 564 7099
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    • Fulvio Corno
      Politecnico di Torino
      Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica
      Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24
      10129 TORINO (TO)
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