Fulvio Corno

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Office hours (orario di ricevimento):

  • You may book a meeting using this link: https://vyte.in/fulcorno/30 (please choose at least 2-3 options, and be specific about the reason), or by contacting me via e-mail (it might be slower...)
  • Location: my office, at Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica (DAUIN), 3rd floor above Segreteria Studenti. The office may be reached by:
    • the entrance on Corso Castelfidardo 39: take one of the lifts in the big hall besides Segreteria Studenti, and go up until 3rd floor, entrance DAUIN 3A. This entrance is easier to find.
    • the entrance on Corso Castelfidardo 24/D (above the LabInf laboratory and the microwave-equipped study room): take the lift to the 3rd floor, entrance DAUIN 3B. This entrance is closer to my office.
    • in both cases, dial by extension number (7053) from the phone besides the entrance door.