2017 ijece smartbike pageThe rise of Smart City solutions is encouraged by the increasing availability of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and crowd sensing technologies.

We recently published a paper on the International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE), in which we present an IoT Crowd Sensing platform that offers a set of services to citizens by exploiting a network of bicycles as IoT probes.

The SmartBike platform integrates mobile sensors for data collection installed on the bycicles, and offers geo-location and anti-theft services, in addition to acquire air quality measurements to be stored and analyzed on a central server.

Doctoral School Logo

The Politecnico of Torino is awarding up to 28 research scholarships to candidates with a Master's Degree and willing to undertake a research activity at Ph.D. level at the Politecnico of Torino.

The e-Lite research group presented a proposal for one of these scholarships, entitled "Dynamic and Adaptive User Interfaces for the Internet of Things".

Innovative solutions in the automotive sector rely more and more on ICT-based solutions, enabled by the ubiquitous connectivity and IoT devices. More and more, the digital backbone of modern cars (that relies on CAN-based protocols) is integrated with Internet-enabled devices to provide new services to the drivers and to the vehicle owners.

In the context of Car Sharing, several functions are delivered through an App-based approach, where the user's smarphone on one hand interacts with cloud-bases services, and on the other hand links to a car-based control unit.

In the M.S. thesis of Antonio Risoli, developed in Concept Reply and discussed on October 2017, we present an architecture suitable for a car sharing provider, and some solutions for exploiting this new hybrid architecture to increase the level of security (by exploiting biometric cryptography) and user comfort (by remembering user preferences and applying them across the whole fleet). The architecture has been demonstrated thanks to a mix of real and simulate ECUs, and will be further developed by the automotive sector in Concept Reply.

Locandina Hackathon

Il 20 e 21 ottobre presso la Camera di Commercio di Alessandria si svolgerà la prima edizione del più grande hackathon in Italia a tema tecnologia per la disabilità. L’edizione verrà promossa da Abilitando, IBM e Intesa Sanpaolo insieme a partner di assoluto rilievo.

L’hackathon "Elementare WATSON!" si svolgerà ad Alessandria e coinvolgerà sviluppatori, ingegneri, designer, sturtupper, studenti, maker, verranno coinvolte tutte le università di Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia e relativi incubatori. I partecipanti verranno chiamati a liberare la propria creatività per sviluppare applicazioni innovative capaci di migliorare molti aspetti della vita quotidiana di milioni di persone affette da disabilità fisica, sensoriale, cognitiva.

Fabio Ballati (del gruppo e-Lite) è iscritto all'interno di uno degli otto team partecipanti che comprenderà non solo ingegneri ma anche altre figure professionali quali psicologi, insegnanti e grafici con l'obiettivo di sviluppare una soluzione tecnicamente funzionante ed effettivamente utile.

DAUIN PhD Poster Day 2017

On Thursday, 19 October 2017, the 18 Ph.D. candidates in Computer and Control Engineering will present their research activities at the DAUIN PhD Poster Day 2017.

The DAUIN PhD Poster Day is opened to everyone interested in the research activities of the Department of Control and Computer Engineering (DAUIN) of the Politecnico. In that event, Ph.D. students at the end of their study (XXX cycle) will discuss their work and experience, to foster new collaborations with industries and to give M.S. students the opportunity to discover the Ph.D. program in Computer and Control Engineering.

DAUIN PhD students at the end of their studies (XXX cycle) will present and discuss their research activities on October 19, 2017 in the Department of Control and Computer Engineering (DAUIN), 2nd floor, during the DAUIN PhD Poster day.

For the e-Lite research group, Teodoro Montanaro will present his work about the design and the development of new IoT architectures able to enhance user experience with IoT notifications, reducing disruption caused by them.

All interested persons are invited to attend the presentation.