In-home display for energy visualizationThe paper Home Energy Consumption Feedback: A User Survey has been accepted for publication in the Energy and Buildings journal (IF 2.041).

A pre-print of the paper is freely available on the PORTO repository.


DoMAInsThe paper DoMAIns: Domain-based Modeling for Ambient Intelligence has been accepted for publication in the Pervasive and Mobile Computing journal, under a special issue on Ambient Ecologies.

A pre-print of the paper is available on the publisher website, or may be requested through the PORTO repository.


Seminario Accademia Hardware e Software Libero C. OlivettiLe tecnologie del Web Semantico e la sua applicazione nel campo della Domotica e dell'Intelligenza Ambientale sono state il tema trattato da Fulvio Corno nel seminario odierno (08/11/2011) presso la Accademia dell'Hardware e del Software Libero "C. Olivetti", presso il polo culturale dell'Officina H ad Ivrea.

Sono disponibili i lucidi dell'intervento e la registrazione (screencast) dello stesso (scarica .avi).




Verification of State Charts with DogOnt propertiesAt the latest The 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, in Nottingham (UK), Fulvio Corno presented a talk on a formal verification approach for intelligent ambients, based on model checking, for ensuring the consistency between statechart reprenting the behavior of single domotic devices with their respective DogOnt description and properties.

See the paper on the PORTO open access repository or browse the presentation slides.


The strength of Smart Homes is their automation capabilities. System designers and end users may program the behavior of the home, to define automatic behaviors and actions to happen at specified times or corresponding to specific events.

Programming the house behavior is a complex task, but the Visual Rule Builder makes it easier by offering an easy-to-use graphical web-based interface aimed at non-expert users.


Read more about the Visual Rule Buinder in Marco Appino's master thesis.

The Dog 2.0 gateway is an extremely powerful tool for controlling smart environments. Unfortunately, describing a new environment was a complex and tediuos task of creating an XML configuration file, or worse a semantic DogOnt instance in the OWL language.

Until now.

We are happy to present a new IDE able to graphically design new domotic enviroments, and to instantiate and configure intelligent devices.

Dog Domotic IDE

Read more about the Dog IDE in Daniele Mina's master thesis.