Open Access Day @ Politecnico di Torino

The Open Access Week was celebrated in Politecnico di Torino through a successful seminar.

The e-Lite group pushed the idea of liberating research data (and not only research papers).

At the latest ANT 2012 Conference, in Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada), Fulvio Corno presented a talk on internet-scale sensor data publishing and distribution, compatible with Linked Data and RDF standards, using the LO(D)D publish-and-subscribe framework. LO(D)D stands for Linked Open (Dynamic) Data and allows publication (and consumption) of streams of RDF statements, that encode "events" representing near-real-time data captured by sensors and/or computed by pervasive applications. The LO(D)D strategy will be adopted in the SMILE-O project for enabling the developmend of open applications on top of distributed data sources.


dWatchAt the latest ANT 2012 Conference, in Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada), Fulvio Corno presented a talk on real-time sensor data processing using the spChains processing framework. The spChains approach enables high-performance data processing on sensor-rich environments, and allows system designers and configurators to easily build high-level processing rules thanks to an intuitive block-based syntax.


dWatchAt the latest ANT 2012 Conference, in Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada), Luigi De Russis presented a talk on a personal wrist watch for smart environments, proposing a reference architecture and showing a cost-effective prototype, based on open source and off-the-shelf products.

Read the paper on the PORTO open access repository or browse the presentation slides.


On Monday June, 18, 2012 we held a small seminar on the Dog gateway. The seminar discussed the Dog architecture in deep and provided details on available modules, expected interactions and dependencies, development guidelines and possible point of failures.



Nel contesto del corso di Tecnologie per la Disabilità del Politecnico di Torino, si terrà una lezione-seminario in collaborazione con il dott. Francesco Levantini di IBM Italia e l'ing. Mario Bellomo della Fondazione ASPHI.

Nella lezione si fornirà un quadro d'insieme sul ruolo delle tecnologie nell'affrontare il tema della disabilità, con uno sguardo al futuro ed agli approcci personali e sociali alla tematica.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.

Coordinate: mercoledì 13/06/2012, ore 13:45-14:30, aula A1C (sede di Corso Marche del Politecnico di Torino, Corso Francia 366, metro "Marche").