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Tommaso Calò
Ph.D. Student
Luca Mannella
Ph.D. Student

DAUIN PhD Poster Day Logo

At the Politecnico di Torino, the e-Lite research group from the Department of Control and Computer Engineering (DAUIN) presented their advancements at the PhD poster day 2023. The event featured research posters by two PhD candidates.

The first poster by Luca Mannella, titled "Supporting Developers in the Cybersecurity of IoT Systems," presented some tools for helping developers create more secure IoT applications (with a particular focus on smart homes). The goal set forth was to make the development process accessible for developers with varying levels of expertise in cybersecurity. The poster introduced a threat model for smart home gateways, pointing out the risks associated with these central devices in managing smart home applications, especially when third-party plug-ins are involved. The poster also discussed the application of the Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) standard inside an extensible smart home gateway. Allowing plug-in developers to define their plug-ins' network requirements can help secure the whole smart home.

Tommaso Calò's poster, "Code Generation From Visual Representations," addressed the challenge of translating web UI designs into code. It underscored the labor-intensive aspect of this translation process, necessitating frequent revisions between the design and development phases. To address this, the research presented a multimodal Transformer architecture designed to automate the translation process by concurrently processing textual and visual information. The approach aims to advance existing methodologies by enhancing the architectural framework and introducing a challenging dataset that serves as a new benchmark for future advancements in the field.

For those interested in delving deeper into the research presented at the DAUIN PhD poster day 2023, we have made available the posters for downloading: