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The e-Lite group will participate at the 18th International Conference on Human–Computer Interaction (INTERACT 2021). The conference will be held in Bari, Italy, in an hybrid format from August 30 to September 3, 2021.

Luigi and Alberto will be at the conference. Luigi will join the EMPATHY workshop on Monday, August 30, where he will present a paper on the vocal composition of trigger-action rules in the smart home. In particular, the paper describes a study aimed at understanding whether and how end users would converse with a conversational assistant to personalize their domestic Internet-of-Things ecosystem. The underlying hypothesis is that users are willing to create personalization rules vocally and that conversational assistants could facilitate the composition process, given their knowledge of the IoT ecosystem. The preliminary study was conducted as a semi-structured interview with 7 non-programmers and provided some evidence in support of this hypothesis. This work is part of the research activities on End-User Development in the IoT.

Alberto, instead, will present a paper entitled "Towards Multi-Device Digital Self-Control Tools" on Wednesday, September 1 during the "Interaction modalities and techniques 1" session (11:15-12:30 CEST). The paper introduces FeelHabits, a DSCT that allows users to set up, through a novel approach, multi-device intentions, i.e., contextual time and launch limits for the simultaneous and/or alternating use of the PC and the smartphone. A preliminary study on 7 participants suggests that FeelHabits might be effective for reducing some multi-device behaviors, and opens the way for further research.

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