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The e-Lite group will participate at CHItaly 2021, the 14th Edition of the Biannual Conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter. The conference will be held in an hybrid setting, both in Bolzano and online, on 11-13 July 2021. The theme of the conference, as defined in summer 2019, is "Frontiers of HCI".

Luigi, who is in the organizing commitee of the conference as proceedings co-chair, will be a panelist of the "Collective reflection on the past and futures of CHItaly".
The panel will be held on the last conference day at 6:00 PM. Its aim is to provoke reflections on the past and the future of human-centred research in computing, also in view of the new hybrid dissemination context we all have experienced in the last year. This will be discussed from multiple perspectives, given that each panelist comes from different disciplines and is at different stages of their research career.

In addition to this, Luigi will also join the SIGCHI Italy townhall meeting, on Monday evening.

More information on the conference website: