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We are happy to announce that we have one full paper and a Late-Breaking Work (LBW) accepted at CHI 2021, the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. ACM CHI 2021 will be held this week (May 8-13) online. Both the paper and the LBW are about digital wellbeing: the paper features our work on digital wellbeing in a multi-device setting, while the LBW introduces novel patterns for reducing risk in web-based digital self-control tools.

  1. The paper "Coping with Digital Wellbeing in a Multi-Device World" will be presented on Tuesday, 11 May at 9:00 CEST and 17:00 CEST (sessions: Mental Health - B and C). Alberto and Luigi will be in both sessions for answering your questions.
    In the paper, we first review more than 300 digital wellbeing software tools by demonstrating that the majority of them implements a single-device conceptualization that poorly adapts to multi-device settings. Then, we report on the results from an interview and a sketching exercise exploring how users make sense of their multi-device digital wellbeing. Findings show that digital wellbeing issues extend beyond smartphones, with the most problematic behaviors deriving from the simultaneous usage of different devices to perform uncorrelated tasks.
    Read the paper by following the link at the end of this news and watch the 5-mins video presentation!
  2. The Late-Breaking Work, instead, "Reducing Risk in Digital Self-Control Tools: Design Patterns and Prototype" will be discussed on Tuesday, 11 May at 11:00 CEST and 19:00 CEST. This work is a collaboration with the University of Virginia and it will be presented by Rob Schwartz, who is the lead author.
    This paper contributes two foundational principles relating risk and effectiveness in the digital wellbeing, plus four widely applicable novel design patterns for reducing risk of abandonment of digital self-control tools. In addition, it introduces a prototype tool that implements these four low-risk design patterns.
    Read it by following the link below, and watch the 5-mins video presentation!

If you meet (virtually) any of us, say "hello": we’re always happy to chat! :)

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