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We are happy to announce that we have two full papers and a Late-Breaking Work (LBW) accepted at CHI 2019, the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. ACM CHI 2019 will be held next week (May 4-9) in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. The papers features our work on end-user debugging in the IoT and an analysis and experimentation on digital wellbeing, while the LBW introduces the concept of an IoT notebook for an easier prototyping of IoT systems.

  1. The paper "The Race Towards Digital Wellbeing: Issues and Opportunities" will be presented on Monday, 4 May, at 16:00, in the Lomond room (session: Everyday Health and Wellbeing). Many different mobile apps for breaking "smartphone addiction" and achieving "digital wellbeing" are available. However, it is still not clear whether and how such solutions work. Which functionality do they have? Are they effective and appreciated? Do they have a relevant impact on users’ behavior? In our research, we aim at providing the first overall perspective of existing mobile apps for changing users' behavior with smartphone. Discover more on this topic in the dedicated page.
  2. The paper "Empowering End Users in Debugging Trigger-Action Rules", instead, will be presented on Thursday, 9 May, at 9:00 in the Dochart 1 room (session: Developers, Developers, Developers!). It covers EUDebug, a system that enables end users to debug their trigger-action rules.
    The goal of EUDebug is to properly warn users when they are defining any troublesome or potentially dangerous behavior, according to two strategies: a) by assisting them in identifying ruleconflicts, and b) by helping them foresee the run-time behaviorof their rules through step-by-step simulation.
  3. The Late-Breaking Work, finally, "Towards Computational Notebooks for IoT Development" will be presented as a poster during both coffee break of Tuesday, 7 May. Taking into account the IoT software development scenario and the literate computing tools landscape, the paper esplores and proposes an IoT-tailored literate computing approach to support students and novices in the development process of several, interconnected components of an IoT system. More on this work in the group's Research Topic page.

Alberto, Juan, and Luigi will be at CHI 2019. If you meet them, say "hello", they’re always happy to chat! :)

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