On Monday, September 10, 2018, Ana M. Bernardos from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid will hold a seminar about Drones as IoT Platforms: Architectures and Applications.

Drones are becoming powerful data acquisition and response platforms in diverse application fields, from critical infrastructure inspection to emergency management or urban design. Despite the regulatory steps forward and the increasing presence of these flying robots in our daily environments, there are still relevant issues to solve to normalize their presence in civil scenarios. In this context, the seminar will present different technologies and systems that have been recently developed within the Information Processing and Telecommunications Center at UPM to enable enhanced drone fleet management, automated data acquisition and knowledge extraction from in-flight data, and enhanced mission information interaction. The seminar will also pursue to activate the discussion on the operating, business and societal challenges that the use of drones in civil environments pose.

The seminar is open to all interested researchers and enterprises.

Note: the seminar is co-located with the Ph.D. defense of Teodoro Montanaro.

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