On July 11, 2018, Juan Pablo Sáenz presented the paper On The Advanced Services That 5G May Provide to IoT Applications at the audience of the 1st Annual IEEE 5G World Forum (5GWF’18), held in Santa Clara, California, USA.

The advent of the 5G network is a key enabler to the growth of IoT, with the promise to innovate and revolutionize contemporary architectures by enabling new IoT-optimized services. Far from being just a bandwidth and latency improvement, the real potential of 5G lies in the intelligent management of network resources, and in the possibility of offering new services at the network level.

This paper aims at identifying which sets of services may be offered by a 5G network, by analyzing the computing, storage, and communication services that are currently offered by 11 major IoT platform providers, as well as those that are currently not being provided due to limitations of the cloud computing paradigm.

Here are the presentation slides, and the paper can be accessed here.

On The Advanced Services That 5G May Provide to IoT Applications from Juan Pablo Sáenz
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