Today, the 31st of May, Luigi De Russis is participating at a satellite event of the International Conference of Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI): The Future of Computing & Food.

The event was initiated by the Co-Creation Working Group in the ACM Future of Computing Academy (ACM-FCA). This group encourages a co-creation approach to highlight and connect fundamental issues such as food and healthcare with research in computing, to ensure technologies are designed and built to produce a better society. A co-creation approach inspires conjoined creative and critical thinking utilizing various types of expertise in the wider public.

The ambition of the event is to set the foundation to formulate a Manifesto on the interwoven Future of Computing and Food that will be made available through the website. This manifesto is inspired by debates raised by different and sometimes antipodal perspectives on food like for instance the 'infamous' Manifesto of Futurist Cuisine written by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1909, and the avantgarde's riposte of the Slow Food Manifesto published by Gambero Rosso on 1987. Our Manifesto would envisage the future of food with the emergence of computing technology that is changing the way we cook, eat, drink, and experience food.

24 people are joining the event, and they will be involved in a variety of activities: from show your association "artifact" with the topic, to tasting sessions and demo, to breakout sessions and inspirational talks.

More information can be found in the dedicated page on the ACM-FCA website and on Twitter, by following @ACM_FCA.