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The ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing published the paper entitled "Design and Development of One-Switch Video Games for Children with Severe Motor Disabilities" in the October 2017 issue. The paper was written by Sebastián Aced López (a former e-Lite group member), Fulvio Corno, and Luigi De Russis.

The manuscripts covers an accessibility problem with action-oriented video games: children with severe motor disabilities, who rely on one-switch interaction for accessing electronic devices, find fast-paced games that require rapid decision-making and timely responses, completely unplayable. The paper contributes to tackle this problem by by presenting GNomon (Gaming NOMON). GNomon is a software framework based on the NOMON mode of interaction that allows the creation of action-oriented single-switch video games.

Two studies for evaluating the playability and rehabilitation suitability of GNomon-based video games have been carried out. The results of the playability study are positive: all children had fun playing GNomon-based video games, and seven of eight were able to interact and play autonomously. The results of the rehabilitation-suitability study also entail that GNomon-based games can be exploited in training hand-eye coordination and maintenance of selective attention over time. The paper finally offers critical hindsight and reflections and shows possible new future game concepts.

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