The first page of the paper

The IEEE Internet of Things journal recently accepted and published an early access version of the paper entitled "Complex Event Processing for City Officers: A Filter and Pipe Visual Approach". The paper has been written by Dario Bonino (a former e-Lite group member, now at ISMB) and Luigi De Russis.

The manuscript tackles a problem that will become much more frequent in smart city scenarios: city officiers, without a technical background, will be required to exhibit a good understanding of technical features, data issues, and complex information handling that, up to few years ago, were quite far from their day-to-day administration tasks. In a smart city, such officiers will be required to effectively drive, direct, and orient various technological processes in the city, to understand and gather information about various aspects of the city itself. In the paper, an approach for enabling an easier composition of real-time data processing pipelines in smart cities is presented. The approach encompasses both a graphical editor and a sound methodology and workflow, to allow city operators to effectively design, develop, test, and deploy their own data processing pipelines. As a working example, the editor and the proposed workflow are described in the context of a pilot of an European project, held in the municipality of Turin.

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