The students of the Ambient Intelligence course, edition 2017, are approaching the turning point: 16 projects are completing their design phase, and will soon start the implementation of the project demonstrators.

Projects are exploring various areas of ambient intelligence systems, applied to the domain of Sustainability.

On May 25, 2017, the 16 student groups of the Ambient Intelligence course will present a 5-minutes "pitch" about their proposed project and will unveil to the public the project contents. As a spoiler, the project names are: AmiCook, Bathroom-Ecoexperience, Battery-Drive-In, Bee-Happy, Edumeal, Fuit-Saver, Grab-a-bike, Mr.Bin, Nice-Bins, PSDM, Shower-time, Smart-canteen, Smartshelf, TrashIt, WWW, YourChildrenGreenTutor.

The presentation is public, open to all interested students, and to interested enterprises and professionals. The attending industrial stakeholders and sponsors will provide a feedback about the presented projects.

More information:

  • When: Thursday, May 25, 2017, hours 16:00-19:00
  • Where: Politecnico di Torino, Room "8 i" (eight-eye - the room is located in the courtyard between ISMB and I3P)
  • Who: see the project websites of the students' groups
  • What: project pitches, plus Q&A from industrial stakeholders