The e-Lite research group welcomes Alberto Monge Roffarello and Juan Pablo Saenz, who started their Ph.D. in Computer and Control Engineering in the XXXII cycle, on November 2016. The Ph.D. students joined the e-Lite Research Group, and will work on topics lying in the intersection of Ambient Intelligence, Internet of Things, Human Computer Interaction, Semantic Web, End User Development, and Smart Energy.

Alberto Monge Roffarello graduated in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, with a thesis on "A healthcare support system in assisted living facilities". He was one of the winners of the spring session of the XXXII cycle admission procedure, and he already collaborated with the research group thanks to a pre-doctorate grant. Alberto's current activities aim at proposing new methods for end-user development of IoT-enabled systems, thanks to a distributed architecture based on an intelligent semantic web platform, and on the design of novel user interfaces.

Juan Pablo Saenz graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes, in Colombia, where he was already involved in teaching and research activities on Enterprise Architectures and Distributed Systems. He joined Politecnico di Torino in the summer session of the XXXII cycle's call. Juan is currently exploring the application of IoT into the sustainability domain, and will investigate the adoption of domain-specific languages in the software engineering of IoT systems.