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Courses by the e-Lite group (I semester 2023/2024)

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Luigi De Russis
Associate Professor

On October 2, 2023, Politecnico di Torino's students will start the first semester in the new academic year. Welcome back!

Members of the e-Lite group teach various courses in the semester, some of them being elective. Such courses are offered in different bachelors' and masters' degrees. Courses' topics include web applications, databases, and human-computer interaction.

We invite students to familiarize themselves with the courses taught by group members and consider them for their choices. Continue to read for more details and useful links.

e-Lite courses in the first semester: introduction to web application, user experience design, human computer interaction, database, computer science

Elective Courses

This coming semester, members of the e-Lite group are involved in three elective courses: Human Computer Interaction (M.S. in Computer Engineering, in English); Introduzione alle Applicazioni Web (B.S. in Engineering, in Italian); and User Experience Design (M.S. in Cinema and Media Engineering, in Italian).

Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction see the participation of three members of the group: Luigi De Russis (main teacher), Alberto Monge Roffarello, and Tommaso Calò.

The course, elective for the master's degree in Computer Engineering and held in English, provides a solid foundation for the field. It gives students hands-on practice to design and develop innovative solutions by adopting a modern human-centered process while building a prototype application to serve target users. In the end, students will learn how to design and create usable, useful, and used technologies.

Course materials are available on this same website, under Teaching > Human Computer Interaction (02JSK), while the full course description is on the students' guide.

Introduzione alle Applicazioni Web

Luigi De Russis and Juan Pablo Sáenz Moreno teach the Introduzione alle Applicazioni Web (Introduction to Web Applications) course.

The course, among the 3rd year's "free credits" of the Engineering bachelor's degrees, covers the basic concepts and technologies of the Web. Using Python and the Flask framework, it also accompanies students in building a complete web application.

Interested people can find the course materials under Teaching > Introduzione alle Applicazioni Web (01DXU) and the official course description in the students' guide. The course is offered in Italian.

User Experience Design

Alberto Monge Roffarello is the main teacher of User Experience Design, a new elective course for the master's degree in Cinema and Media Engineering.

The course, held in Italian and with the participation of two psychologists from the University of Torino, shares the same goal of the previous Human Computer Interaction course but orient it to serve better the different degree program in which it is offered.

Course materials will be available on this website under Teaching. As before, the official course description is in the students' guide.

Mandatory Courses

Members of the e-Lite group are involved in two mandatory courses in the first semester: Informatica (B.S. in Engineering) and Basi di dati (B.S. in Cinema and Media Engineering). Both courses are in Italian.


Fulvio Corno is one of the main teachers of the Informatica (Computer Science) course. The course, held in Italian, is _mandatory for all 1st-year students enrolled in bachelor's degrees in Engineering.

It covers the basis of Computer Science and introduces programming in Python. Course materials are available on this same website, under Teaching > Informatica (14BHD). The course description, instead, is available in the official students' guide.

Basi di Dati

Laura Farinetti, finally, is the main teacher of the Basi di dati (Databases) course, offered in Italian to bachelor's degree students in Cinema and Media Engineering.

The course introduces the main topics and concepts related to database technologies and languages. As before, course materials are available on this website under Teaching > Basi di Dati (04AFQPC). The students' guide includes the official course description.