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Research Topics

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The e-Lite Research Group develops intelligent technologies applied to distributed applications. The spirit of the research is integration of complex systems, based on interaction between a human user and the technology, in which the complexity gap is managed by intelligent software components.

The main current research areas are:

Previous research areas, where we list the main attained results, are:

  • Intelligent Web Applications, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0: search engines, classification systems, user interfaces based on intelligent algorithms and semantic elaboration techniques for new generations of web applications
  • Accessibility and Technical Aids: open platform for developing computer aids for disabled persons (communication, web browsing, ...), eye-tracking and head-tracking technology for hands-free usage of the computer. In particular, we explored the adoption of Eye Tracking technologies for disabled users, in the COGAIN Network of Excellence project (now the COGAIN Association).


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