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1. HDOSE - Publications
(Intelligent Web Applications/H-DOSE)
2. Dario Bonino
... multi-agent systems and semantics-aware web architectures. He was "technical manager" of the H-DOSE open source semantic elaboration platform (http://dose.sourceforge.net) and collaborated ...
3. HDOSE - Download
(Intelligent Web Applications/H-DOSE)
This section groups HDOSE related downloads. HDOSE, latest version  ...
4. HDOSE - Installation HOW TO
(Intelligent Web Applications/H-DOSE)
OBSOLETE H-DOSE installation HOW-TO Disclaimer The H-DOSE platform is autonomously developed by the e-Lite research group at the Politecnico di Torino. Since the main goals of the e-Lite group ...
5. HDOSE - Architecture
(Intelligent Web Applications/H-DOSE)
The H-DOSE platform H-DOSE stands for Holistic Distributed Open Semantic Elaboration; it is an enhanced semantic platform in which the joint adoption of Web Services and Multi Agent Systems enables ...
6. HDOSE - Contact Information
(Intelligent Web Applications/H-DOSE)
The DOSE project started in 2003 as a research program at the Polytechnic of Turin by the PhD student Dario Bonino under the advising of Prof. Fulvio Corno and Laura Farinetti. Soon the team included ...
7. HDOSE - Javadoc
(Intelligent Web Applications/H-DOSE)
Here you can find the documentation about the H-DOSE Java source files. Please note that this documentation is still under refiniment. Additional information about the H-DOSE architecture can be found ...
8. HDOSE - Documentation
(Intelligent Web Applications/H-DOSE)
This document contains links to some useful documents about DOSE. Please see the contact links to send suggestions or comments about these documents. Table of content Architectural and theoretical ...
(Intelligent Web Applications/H-DOSE)
This document contains the most frequently asked question about DOSE. Please see the contact links to send suggestions or comments about this FAQ. Table of content General questions about DOSE  ...
10. H-DOSE
DOSE (Distributed Open Semantic Elaboration platform), an open-source platform for managing semantic indexing and retrieval of web resources according to predefined ontologies, with support for multilinguality, ...